For those interested parties we are in edition #25 of the Carnival of Investing over at Consumerism Commentary.

Ticker Sense has a different take on the Paulson for Treasury Secretary discussion. Rather than focusing on the pay cut he will take moving from Goldman Sachs (GS) maybe we should look at this as an low-profile way of unloading his stake. Indeed it may be the "…trade of his life."

Matthew Lynn at looks at the downside of so many Goldman executives joining governments around the world.

Kevin Hassett also at thinks we should be glad Henry Paulson is coming to Washington.

In light of our discussion of the P/E ratio, Economist's View reiterates the fact that "profits are up, wages in dispute."

Bernard Wysocki Jr. and Aaron Lucchetti at the Wall Street Journal look at the regulatory headaches that will ensue from the NYSE-Euronext hook up.

Adam Warner has a different perspective on exchange mergers. Rather than focusing on the efficiencies gained by a combination, we should focus on whether they "truly benefit investors."

Random Roger notes the yield curve inversion just keeps rearing its ugly head. reports on commodity ETFs trying to reduce the damage from rolling futures contract in contango rich environment.

Paul Kedrosky thinks the MSM is ripe for some ethanol contrarianism.

DealBook points to a piece in which the European central bank calls hedge funds a major risk to the stability of the financial markets.

Speaking of hedge funds crashing the financial markets, Eddy Elfenbein is incredulous that John Meriwether of LTCM infamy is getting a lifetime achievement award.

Tom Brown at thinks Bob Nardelli of Home Depot (HD) ought to be "ashamed of himself" and should remember who it is he really works for.

Do we need another glossy, monthly business magazine. Like it or not, Conde Nast is going to give us Portfolio coming in 2007. Gawker rounds up the coverage.

This paper is not particularly new, but is an interesting take on how investors should allocate assets across taxable and non-taxable accounts. Definitely worth a look.

We are suckers for an interesting map. For those interested in linguistic differences across this states this map will tickle your fancy.

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