The market remains ugly. Today's linkfest studiously avoids the current state of the market.

DealBook reports on the imminent launch of, which will reportedly focus on all manner of malfeasance. will probably have something to say about insider trading. Henry G. Manne in an Wall Street Journal op-ed makes the case for the efficiency effects of legalized insider trading. Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution finds it hard to believe that this would "improve resource allocation very much." examines some ETFs on the drawing board that blur the lines between indices and active management.

Henny Sender in the Wall Street Journal reports on the surprising strength in the high yield bond market.

This has not helped the anticipated wave in publicly traded, private equity. Tenille Tracy in the Wall Street Journal reports on the clogged pipeline of private equity deals. The poor performance of the KKR and Apollo deals in Europe has put investors off the deals. This is reminiscent of the abortive BDC (business development corporation) boom of a couple of years ago. DealBook also weighs in.

Amanda Cantrell at CNN Money looks at whether single-strategy hedge funds might be on their way out.

CXO Advisory Group looks at how various documented effects overlap and interrelate in a "unified premium theory."

Daniel Gross at also views stock buybacks with a degree of skepticism.

Tim Middleton at MSN Money thinks commodity funds are a good "long term bet."

macroblog looks at whether CPI is a lagging indicator.

A TraderFeed series on what makes "expert performers distinctive" continues.

Given this research, maybe coffee really is "everything to everyone."

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