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Barry Ritholtz documents graphically the toll this correction is taking on a variety of markets.

Ticker Sense wonders why the big fuss over recent inflation numbers.

Craig Karmin at the Wall Street Journal looks at the rapidity of capital flows into and out of the emerging markets.

John M. Berry at thinks many are reading the prospect for inflation incorrectly. Mark Thoma at Economist's View thinks the Fed will not upset the markets by skipping a rate hike in June. macroblog also parses the Berry article.

We have discussed the role M&A could play in a megacap revival. Steven Rosenbush at identifies some large companies that could be targets of the private equity crowd.

Call us cynical, but huge investment banking profits on commodities might explain how they became a core portfolio asset. (via DealBook)

DealBook notes the strong start to the wave of ethanol IPOs.

AutoBlogGreen highlights the uproar over one blogger's call for $5 gasoline and the potential bottleneck facing rail-based ethanol shipments on the tracks surrounding Chicago. Note our prior take on $5 gasoline.

Jad Mouawad at the New York Times reports on one big oil company's push into biofuel research.

Taron Wade at breakingviews echoes our comments on the historical inevitability of publicly traded private equity.

Todd Harrison writing at on how technology has changed Wall Street forever.

James Kanter at the International Herald Tribune wonders whether the NYSE-Euronext deal will do anything to spur European economic growth?

Stephen Baker at wonders whether bloggers shouldn't post until they see the whites of their eyes.

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