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James Picerno at the Capital Spectator combs through global market valuations to highlight some pockets of opportunity.

Michael Kahn at on how “social mood” affects the stock market.

Another “predictive” market indicator takes a hit via CXO Advisory Group.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report ably notes why so many of us are disappointed with this incarnation of Jim Cramer.

Chad Brand at the Peridot Capitalist reminds us that IPOs are on average a mug’s game.

Jeff Matthews looks at whether hedge fund “naked” short selling is really a problem.

Speaking of short selling, have you seen

Lauren Rae Silva at reports on how the SEC tightened regulations on, but did not eliminate entirely, soft-dollar arrangements.

Cody Willard looks at how higher yields on cash are creating competition for all manner of assets.

Adam Warner is still on the executive options beat.

Alistair Barr at reports on the rebound in merger arbitrage hedge fund returns in the first half of the year.

DealBook on the disappointing returns hedge funds demonstrated in the second quarter.

John Prestbo at on the changing nature of REIT returns.

Lawrence Carrel at dives into the changing world of ETFs.

Alexei Barrionuevo in the New York Times on the biodiesel vs. ethanol debate.

Have improvements in safety made NASCAR drivers engage in riskier behavior? (via AP)

The Economist asks whether we can ever really trust complex economic models?

Greg Mankiw looks at the differences between inflation targeting and price-level targeting.

Art De Vany examines the statistical complexity inherent in motion picture box office returns.

We were surprised to learn how dependent crossword puzzle writers have become on computers. (via

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