Summer hours here at Abnormal Returns HQ. The linkfest, and only the the linkfest today. Have a pleasant weekend.

Ian McDonald in the Wall Street Journal reports on the ever-growing cash hoard at Corporate America. This is not a new story, but the overall growth of cash on the balance sheet has widespread implications for corporate governance and the capital markets.

macroblog highlights comments by Fed chairman Bernanke on the global savings glut and includes some informative graphs.

Apparently some of that cash is flowing freely into hedge funds, because Alistair Barr at reports on a surge in hedge fund assets.

For those you have followed our coverage of the growing ETF universe, you may find an article by Tom Lauricella and Diya Gullapalli in the Wall Street Journal interesting. They report on the blurring lines between indexes and active strategies used in some newer ETFs.

Lauren Rae Silva at looks at the reasons why the NYMEX has been slow to electronic trading an an IPO filing.

On the exchange front, Zachery Kouwe in the New York Post reports on a potential deal for the NYBOT.

Chet Currier at notes the difficulty in actually implementing that overused phrase, “buy low, sell high.”

Ticker Sense notes bad news for Dow Theory adherents.

The Capital Spectator on the decidedly mixed economic news.

The Long Tail has been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. However Tim Wu in thinks it is an idea pushed too far.

Greg Mankiw points to an interesting paper on the link between demography and the reduced volatility of the business cycle.

Gretchen Ruethling at the New York Times reports on a simple and cheap (and new to us) method to decrease tailgating.

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