This weekend’s linkfest is not particularly investment-focused, but we think entertaining nonetheless. Enjoy.

Daniel Gross in looks how irrational exuberance, in this case alternative energy, can be simultaneously dangerous for investors and beneficial to society as a whole.

The media, including Gregory Zuckerman at the Wall Street Journal, just cannot stay away from the Victor Niederhoffer story.

Barry Ritholtz on the danger of buying stocks at or near their 52 week lows.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report looks at the ins and outs of ETF and options pinning.

J. Alex Tarquino in the New York Times notes the ebbing interest in commodity mutual funds.

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times looks at the growing controversy involving the influence of “expert networks” on hedge funds.

Does adding a bit of beta increase alpha generation? (Near end of the article – via

DealBook looks at the case to be made overseas firms for a U.S. listing.

With Fed policy in doubt, Vivian Marion in the New York Times examines the prospects of residential mortgage REITs.

Is the run in the Canadian dollar over? (via

Tim Harford at on “irrepressible markets.”

Rupert Murdoch is becoming downright agreeable. He now believes a satellite television merger would pass anti-trust muster and has come to an agreement with his older children on the future management of News Corp. (NWS).

Even after reading the plans from Microsoft (MSFT) for an iPod killer, we doubt that Apple Computer (APPL) is particularly worried. (via

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