One trend that continues apace is the rising prominence of investment blogs. Random Roger has some big news out of the Seeking Alpha network.

Ticker Sense examines whether a 90% upside volume day is all that important.

Mark Hulbert at takes a closer look at the role of put-call ratios and the presidential election cycle on the stock market.

Daisy Maxey in the Wall Street Journal goes into surprising depth on the dividend strategy followed by a pair of mutual funds.

Greg Mankiw weighs in on the fundamental indexation debate.

John Kimelman at has a Q&A with a “big fan” of portable alpha strategies.

We thought the electronic trading revolution was supposed to decrease the number of exchanges? (via Wall Street Journal)

Daniel Gross at looks at the “yacht warning system” for corporate management.

David Pauly at thinks there might be a worldwide “surplus” of oil.

DealBook notes the attraction of cash on the balance sheets of many technology firms.

Barry Ritholtz joins us on the science as analogy beat.

Thomas Kostigen at reviews a poll that shows affluent investors are now quite downcast.

Jeff Milller at A Dash of Insight takes a closer look at “The Cycle of Negativity.”

Joanthan Clements in the Wall Street Journal summarizes recent findings on “happiness research” and the role money plays in that (all-important) equation.

Steve Wieberg at the USA Today on the effect of T. Boone Pickens’ huge gift to the Oklahoma State University athletic program.

Sad news, the state fair is facing hard times. (via New York Times)

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