Not surprisingly on this holiday there are only a few items of note.

Chuck Jaffe at wonders whether all this talk about a large cap comeback is overplayed given most investors already probably hold a considerable portion of their portfolio in large caps already.

Larry Nusbaum at Millionaire Now! on the unfortunate situation many Americans have gotten themselves into with “toxic mortgages.”

Barrie McKenna at the Globe & Mail provides some (much needed) outside perspective on the potential fallout from the U.S. housing boom.

The indefatigable Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed points to some additional trading resources.

Katie Benner at looks at the complications of using (supposedly) uncomplicated “life-cycle” mutual funds.

Mike Langberg at the Mercury News on whether we have not gone far enough to outlaw cell phone use while driving.

Check out a (new to us) blog with a great name: Guzzo the Contrarian.

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