Grow Your Funds hosts the Carnival of Investing #39.

Random Roger emphasizes what “radical diversification” really means for your portfolio.

Teresa Lo at has a really interesting post on the general topic of investment performance. (via TraderMike)

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on what is means for the stock market when oil and gold are falling.

Ticker Sense takes a look at what the new CME traded housing futures are predicting.

Mark Hulbert at summarizes some research on the effect of traumatic external events on the stock market.

It is not clear that we should care whether index fund managers, ETF or open-end mutual fund, hold shares in their own funds. (via

Nicole Bullock at on what Buffettologists might want to be buying now.

Accrued Interest on the never-ending debate over which inflation measure is best?

Randall W. Forsyth at hops on board the growing gasoline tax bandwagon.

The Stalwart notes an unflattering comparison between Michael Dell and David Brent.

We were kidding earlier, but the Kuiper Belt really is getting an upgrade on the Pluto downgrade. (via New York Times)

A question of “espresso etiquette” froths up at Starbucks (SBUX). (via Seattle Times)

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