Thanks for checking in with us here at Abnormal Returns – just the linkfest today.

Jenny Anderson and Landon Thomas Jr. in the New York Times look at the effect the current “rough patch” hedge funds are experiencing is having on the investment world.

Gregory Zuckerman in the Wall Street Journal on how the Amaranth Advisors blow-up was contained by a timely transfer of energy exposures.

Going Private takes note that Amaranth’s positions could still very well prove profitable.

Alistair Barr at has found one hedge fund that seems to be a beneficiary of the Amaranth blow-up.

The current rough patch does not seem to be slowing down one investment bank from getting even deeper into the hedge fund business. (via Wall Street Journal)

Jeff Matthews is less than impressed with the current “It girls” of the investment world, activist hedge funds.

David Weidner at thinks that “(t)he signs are everywhere that the glory days of hedge funds are over.”

All About Alpha looks at the important (and complicated) question of whether there is only a “finite” amount of alpha available to be exploited by investors, like hedge funds.

The Economist on the siren song that is the carry trade.

By one measure, Ticker Sense notes the market is as overbought has it has been in nearly a year.

The Stalwart has been on fire recently including a piece on the potential for video games to ride the aging demographic wave.

The Economist on how the drive to lower transactions costs is transforming the way we trade shares.

Daniel Gross at debunks the conspiracy theories floating around about the Bush administration and gasoline prices.

The Economist on how American law is shaping the Internet gambling business.

Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution points to his piece on getting a full measure of the state of U.S. healthcare in the New York Times.

Charles Leroux in the Chicago Tribune has more on the ethics of “bootleg lattes.”

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