The linkfest is early today in order to facilitate a early introduction to the weekend – enjoy.

Ticker Sense on the shift back to large cap domestic stocks from foreign stocks.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on good times to buy stocks.

The Blogger Spotlight at The Big Picture on the impact of housing on the economy.

Another major hedge fund group is taking it on the chin. (via Wall Street Journal)

CXO Advisory Group highlights a paper that looks at the question of “diminishing alpha” for hedge funds as a whole.

Alistair MacDonald in the Wall Street Journal reports on hedge funds venturing in sub-Saharan equity markets.

Shaheen Pasha at on banks’ continuing “love affair” with hedge funds.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator highlights a discussion on the “true costs” of active management.

Mark Hulbert at explores the difference between a fund’s total returns and “dollar weighted returns.”

Shefali Anand in the Wall Street Journal reports on some research into the scope and timing of mutual fund manager slumps.

Justin Fuller at with a practical application of the Kelly Criterion.

John Carney at points to a story on a merger gone bad, from the start.

DealBook with some speculation on who might be targeted next in the gaming industry.

Bill Sjostrom at Truth on the Market on the limited utility of mutual fund proxy voting.

Meryl Rothstein at Seed on an interesting “neuroeconomics” study.

Greg Mankiw with an apt analogy for this “wide ranging” blog.

Expanded caffeine coverage, a Starbucks on every block? (via Wall Street Journal)

The Fall (quality) movie season is off and running with Martin Scorcese’s “The Departed” getting rave reviews.

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