The linkfest is a little late today, but is still chocked full of interesting items.

Ticker Sense has a neat graph showing where other indices stand in light of record highs for the Dow.

Scott Patterson in the Wall Street Journal on how mutual funds are borrowing the so-called 130-30 strategy.

All About Alpha is not all that surprised by the blurring lines between hedge funds and traditional asset management.

Thomas Kostigen at with another reason why one should think through a commitment to socially reponsible investing.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on the future for oil prices in light of this most recent dip in prices.

Speaking of the Capital Spectator, they are up next in the Blog Spotlight over at the Big Picture. on the question of disclosure and executive compensation.

The Stalwart is spot on the money with their commentary on the Nobel Peace Prize going to the pioneer of microloans.

Economist’s View points to a piece on the question of whether there has been a fundamental shift in the behavior of inflation.

CXO Advisory Group on the ephemeral relationship between forecasting accuracy and media fame.

John Carney at on the link between hedge fund money and the art market.

According to BusinessWeek, the University of Chicago comes out on top of this year’s list of the best B-schools.

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