Thanks to all of our new (and existing) readers. We hope you enjoy the weekend linkfest.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on the importance of “focus and concentration” in trading.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture is feeling a bit lonely in the bearish camp.

Eddy Elfeinbein at Crossing Wall Street points to another article on “neuroeconomics.”

Eleanor Laise in the Wall Street Journal on the growing amount of information on mutual fund money managers.

Speaking of mutual funds, this paper explores the cross-country differences in mutual fund fees. (via SSRN)

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report has an unusually interesting edition of his weekend links.

Tim Gray in the New York Times with a skeptical look at mutual funds using “covered call” strategies.

Greg Mankiw has more on the question of executive compensation.

Laura M. Holson in the New York Times on the new nexus between Wall Street and Hollywood.

Art De Vany thinks Wall Street is naive to think they can predict movie returns.

Steven Levy in Newsweek on how the iPod “changed the world.”

Tim Harford in on the economics behind philanthropy.

The Wall Street Journal looks more closely at the father of “microloans.”

Jeffrey Gangemi at on what the Nobel Prize means for the future of microcredit.

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