In addition to today’s linkfest we recently posted on the question of publicity and performance in the hedge fund industry.

Chad Brand at the Peridot Capitalist on the overbought nature of the stock market.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on the weakness in the transportation stocks.

Accrued Interest on tight corporate spreads and the steepening slope of the yield curve.

All About Alpha on the appeal of “1X0/X0” strategies to mutual funds, nee hybrid funds.

CXO Advisory Group reviews a paper that shows the advantages of adding a measure of stock buybacks to a value stock model.

Tim Middleton at MSN Money on some funds that follow an “intrinsic value” approach.

ETF rumble! John Spence in the Wall Street Journal on a minor kerfuffle regarding two major players in the ETF industry.

Roger Nusbaum in on another flavor of financial sector ETF.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed with more observations on “life and the markets.”

In what may be one of the most anticipated mergers ever, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board of Trade (BOT) are merging. DealBook weighs in with additional detail.

Speaking of Chicago, Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report comments on one of the most ridiculous Monday night football games ever, oh and something about options as well.

Eddy Elfenbein at Crossing Wall Street on research that shows “progressive values” yield business success.

Mark Sappenfield in the Christian Science Monitor on ventures by some Indian companies outside of the subcontinent.

Daniel Drezner comments on the demand for IT talent in India.

John Carney at on the “gravity of backdating (options).”

Jim Jubak at MSN Money with a big reason on why the oil market is exactly “settled.”

Miguel Helft in the New York Times on the many successes of the so-called “PayPal mafia.”

Jeff Matthews on Yahoo! (YHOO) and how it resembles “an old Volvo.”

Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage on his expectation that Steve Jobs and Apple Computer (APPL) has an “October surprise” ready to unveil.

Feel good story of the day. Barbaro recuperates at the hands of a “nurturing medical staff.” (via Washington Post)

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