Abnormal Returns is back on the air! After a brief holiday from blogging, the lights are back on at Abnormal Returns HQ and a big pot of coffee is brewing.

First, let us thank all of you who sent us feedback and kudos. Some of you thought we had gone dark permanently. We always planned on returning, refreshed and rejuvenated. We were especially pleased by this (too) kind post from Jay Walker at the Confused Capitalist who took the time to “salute” us.

Second, you can now reach this blog directly at https://abnormalreturns.com. All of the old links will continue to work and your feed should not be affected.

Third, you can see our contribution to the Blogger’s Take: Hard or Soft Landing? over at the Big Picture. In addition, also look for our contribution to Barry’s Blog Spotlight feature.

Although we are back, we still are looking for any (and all) feedback on how we can continue to make this blog more informative. Thanks again to all of you for your continued support.