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CVS (CVS)-Caremark RX (CMX)?

Barnaby J. Feder in the New York Times on those who doubt the logic of the deal. DealBook reports on the defense of the deal. Robert Cyran at breakingviews thinks the companies are “running scared.” Chad Brand at the Peridot Capitalist wonders whether this deal will put pressure on the competition.

Tom Lydon at ETF Trends points out an interesting study on fund ownership in America.

Sue Stevens at Morningstar.com on the pros and cons of ETFs.

Paul Kedrosky at Infectious Greed on the “private equity” ETF.

Sinclair Stewart and Andrew Willis in the Globe & Mail on the reason why the Canadian government chose to crackd0wn on income trusts.

Greg Newton at NakedShorts on the overuse of the term, blow-up, in regards to hedge fund failure.

All About Alpha reviews a paper on hedge fund replication.

Mark Gilbert at Bloomberg.com on the continued risk in hedge fund risk taking.

David Roeder in the Chicago Sun Times with some backstory on CME-CBOT dealmaking.

CXO Advisory Group on the challenges of using investment advice.

Accrued Interest on the worrying trends in labor costs.

Eddy Elfenbein at Crossing Wall Street with some questions on trend GDP growth rates.

Tyler Cowen at Slate.com on the economics of eating, and again in the New York Times on an new economics book that focuses on the importance of human capital in wealth creation.

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