Ticker Sense notes the fact that 80% of stocks in the S&P 500 are above their 20 and 200-day moving averages.

The Fear & Greed Index has reached a record level of greed. (via MarketBeat)

Michael Kahn at Barrons.com on whether the market “needs” a correction?

Deboarh Solomon in the Wall Street Journal on the Presidential Working Group on Financial Markets’ hands-off report on hedge fund regulation.

DealBook, Going Private and macroblog weigh in on the report.

CXO Advisory Group on the efficacy of hedge fund replication strategies.

The Economist on the state of the (currency) carry trade.

All About Alpha with a passel of observations on the alpha economy.

breakingviews highlights a novel (and fair) hedge fund compensation scheme.

FT Alphaville has tracked down “oodles” of interesting hedge fund statistics.

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times on the (new) risks facing prime brokers in light of a recent case.

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed notes five guiding principles of trading psychology.

FT Alphaville interviews a prominent private equity investor on the durability of the current “wave of easy credit” coursing through the industry.

Sam Zell defends his deal making skills. (via DealBook)

Diya Gullapalli in the Wall Street Journal on how mutual investors have benefited from the buyout boom.

Barry Ritholtz and Henry Blodget on Google’s assault on Microsoft’s cash cow.

Adam Warner and Roger Ehrenberg weigh in on Google’s “TSOP.” (Not to be confused with Peter’s TPS reports from the movie Office Space.)

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on the rough transition we face in trying to become energy independent.

Going Private on allocating capital with non-economic criterion, i.e. socially responsible investing.

Tom Lydon at ETF Trends on environmentalism coming to an ETF near you.

Michael Shermer at Scientific American on the time-dependence of “happiness research.”

“The Japanese Gyroball Mystery” explained, sort of. (via New York Times)

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