FT Alphaville highlights some research which shows that the buyout business may be more scalable than the venture capital business.

“Venture capital in (alternative) energy has reached a critical mass…” (via New York Times)

Is Sam Zell getting closer to buying out Tribune (TRB)? (via DealBook)

Jason Singer in the Wall Street Journal on the fact that “broken deals” can lead to even better opportunities down the road.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on how context matters when judging what happens after large five day declines in the stock market.

CXO Advisory Group on more research demonstrating positive risk-adjusted returns to buy-write strategies.

Should we heed the signals the yield curve has been emitting? (via MarketBeat)

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed on the importance of ‘resilience’ and the ‘courage of your convictions’ in trading the markets.

Rydex Investments is getting into the trend following business via an open-end mutual fund. (via Marketwatch.com)

As a point of follow-up we came across this interesting graphic (pdf) in researching the above new Rydex fund.

Felix Salmon wonders if there are any full-time activist mutual funds?

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report on an interesting statistical occurrence in the stock market.

Henry Blodget at Slate.com on what you should do when the market is crashing all around you.

Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com notes gold market timers have “thrown in the towel.”

James Hamilton at Econbrowser looks back at some historical examples of ‘financial crises.’

Jeff Matthews doesn’t think much of Chairman Bernanke’s thesis on inflation.

Daniel Gross notes another batch of options backdating and at Slate.com he notes another potential case of discrepant data on Wall Street.

Mike Magda at AutoblogGreen on the efficacy of raising CAFE standards for automobiles versus raising the the gasoline tax.

Dennis K. Berman in the Wall Street Journal on a forthcoming book that looks behind the “Lazard mystique.”

We had this idea for a vitamin-fortified soda years ago, oh well. (via New York Times)

Scott Adams at the Dilbert Blog, “Clearly, our kids are being taught a lot of useless crap.”

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