All About Alpha has an informative interview with Alexander Ineichen author of Asymmetric Returns.

Henny Sender in the Wall Street Journal on the losses some hedge funds have seen from investing in subprime mortgage lenders.

FT Alphaville with more on the subprime market “carnage.”

The Economist on the trio of things (sinking subprime mortgages, risky credit markets, reversing carry trades) scaring the markets.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture has a mixed macroeconomic overview.

Has the smart money already moved on from private equity? (via FT Alphaville)

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report on the “…Garfunkel of volatility indices.”

CXO Advisory Group reviews a paper that shows the momentum effect has waned in the past few years.

Jonathan Burton at takes a peek behind the curtain of the S&P 500.

Charles E. Kirk and David Andrew Taylor on what it takes to be a great trader.

Jerry Useem at Fortune on why Apple (AAPL) is the “best retailer in America.”

Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage on how Apple should use its vast cash hoard.

Was the YouTube deal worth it for Google (GOOG)? (via DealBook)

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on the most recent example of politicians getting in trouble for their investments.

John Carney at on whether options backdating or earnings estimate backanalyzing truly matter.

Going Private delves deeply into a “…wonderful Green investment strategy.”

Free exchange again on the unintended consequences of “carbon offsets.”

Scott Soshnik at thinks Chicago Cubs fans should forgive and forget and hopefully recapture the karma they lost in 2003.

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