The Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll shows bulls and bears remain at a stand-off.

Russel Kinnel at has a pointed article up on the “Great ETF Land Rush” – something we were discussing quite some time ago.

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Paul Fruchbom at Fortune speculates which hedge fund might be the next one to go the IPO route, a la Fortress Investment Group (FIG).

Hedge funds now dominate leveraged lending. (via DealBook)

Retail hedge funds are expected to grow in Japan. (via FT Alphaville)

All About Alpha on why changes in relative sector performance should affect the way you select a fund manager.

Anecdote alert! Investment banks are seeking more space for trader. (via DealBook)

Karen Richardson and Jason Singer in the Wall Street Journal look overseas to see how publicly traded private equity firms might fare here.

Felix Salmon notes that the long anticipated Sam Zell-led Tribune (TRB) buyout is going to require “eye-popping leverage.”

John Carney at on the complex tax questions facing the Blackstone Group initial public offering.

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For those who can’t get enough private equity talk there is from the folks who bring you

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James Picerno at the Capital Spectator focuses on the topic of “..boosting real after-tax yields for wealthy investors.”

Brett Steenbarger at TraderFeed has assembled a handy list of links to his trading technique posts.

Happy Opening Day! Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report on how one can describe the “investment styles” of various MLB teams.

If our book giveaway has not whetted your appetite for contests, Trader’s Narrative has a review up of and is also running a contest to win a six-month subscription to this site.