Gregory Zuckerman at on the continued concentration in assets under management in the hedge fund industry.

Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage has a sense of deja vu after reading the above article.

Andy Mukherjee at looks at what is next after the success of the ‘BRIC phenomenon.’

Brody Mullins and Kara Scannell at on the growing political profile of the hedge fund industry.

Chrystia Freeland at the has an interview with private equity investor Wilbur Ross.

David Gaffen at MarketBeat asks, “Is the private equity boom slowing?”

It will be very interesting to see how the battle over the CBOT Holdings (BOT) plays out. (via

Jeff Miller at A Dash of Insight finds some common ground with Barry Ritholtz on the Fed and on the rhetoric surrounding “stagflation.”

All About Alpha on the ongoing assault on the small cap effect.

Diya Gullapalli at on the difficulty some ETFs are having in tracking their underlying index.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report wonders whether the new natural gas ETF will do as well as its oil ETF cousin.

Mark Thoma at Economist’s View has a fun look at the prospects for inflation.

Curtis M. Faith at Way of the Turtle on why investors should always take full responsibility for their trades.

Going Private has another (caustic) look at socially responsible investing.

Aaron Pressman at on the explosion in “dividend capture” closed-end funds.

Scott Rothbort at Lakeview Asset Management puts together a five-stock portfolio fit for a thirteen year-old.

Andrew Gogerty at on why 12(b)-1 fees “should go.”

Felix Salmon at Market Movers asks, “Is M&A activity creating more monopolies?”

Robert Young and Scott Karp at on how Sumner Redstone could reposition MTV to be…the new MTV.

Wow…Portfolio is apparently not scrimping in the (high profile) pay department. (via

Stephen J. Dubner at the Freakonomics blog on why we still can’t find a Wii.

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