notes the frenetic rise of ETF offerings is coming at a price for investors.

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times on the obliteration of the concept of ‘conflicts of interest’ at investment banks as they push ever deeper into the private equity business.

Felix Salmon at Market Movers on why publicly traded investment banks might engage in this sort of profit-maximizing behavior. notes “Private equity firms are having to work harder for their money.”

Justin Fox at the Curious Capitalist talks with Henry Silverman about the ascendance of private equity.

All About Alpha (with a nifty new look) and the reasons behind overall rising leverage at hedge funds.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator on the rise of the ‘buy on dips’ mentality.

Have record short interest levels put a floor under the market? (via Big Picture).

Have record inflows into hedge funds put a floor under the market? (via Market Movers)

The rise of activist hedge funds has been a boon for their lawyers. (via DealBook)

The prospects for U.S. profit margins are not so hot according to Smithers & Co. (via FT Alphaville)

Have the emerging markets so fully emerged that they no longer deserve a separate category? (via Market Movers)

VIX and More has the first annual Blog Disclaimer Awards, and makes our disclaimer seem pretty boring in comparison.

Maoxian on how (most) market commentators skate on their past poor calls.

Greg Newton at NakedShorts tracks down a “fishy” ETF.

Price signals work. Dairies are pushing into the ‘organic’ milk business. (via New York Times)

37signals on ‘sunk costs’ and the ‘hero effect.’

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