A Wall Street Journal story on the “head-spinning” deal-making that is transforming industries and prompting speculation on just when it might end.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on why the buyout boom is happening now.

Pallavi Gogoi at BusinessWeek.com on what sort of mega-deal Warren Buffett might purchase given his investment parameters.

DealBook on whether “heavyweight investors” are turning on private equity firms.

Felix Salmon at Market Movers on why a “private equity tax” won’t really alter the investment environment.

Andrew Ross Sorkin and Richard Perez Pena at the New York Times on the decision by the Journal’s editors to sit on the News Corp. buyout story.

Jim Jubak at MSN Money thinks “cheap money” is behind a litany of issues including buyouts, dividends and stock buybacks.

Dailyii.com has a look “inside the mint” that is Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and moves by the Blackstone Group to enhance their hedge fund offerings.

Ryan J. Donmoyer at Bloomberg.com on a threat to how university endowments currently invest in offshore hedge funds.

Roger Ehrenberg at Information Arbitrage thinks 130/30 funds are more about marketing than alpha generation.

All About Alpha on the continuing controversy over fundamental indexation.

Shefali Anand at WSJ.com on an examination of the “uncertain benefits” of 12(b)-1 fees.

Richard Widows at TheStreet.com has a list of open-end mutual funds that follow hedge fund-like strategies.

Christopher Davis at Morningstar.com examines three common investment mistakes.

Bespoke Investment Group has a global equity market snapshot.

CXO Advisory Group on the limited utility of the CBOE total put-call ratio.

Richard Kang at the Beta Brief on the ongoing “uranium mania.”

David Altig at macroblog on the “unhappy news” on gasoline prices.

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