We just wanted to alert our fine readers of a few changes here at Abnormal Returns. Since writing about the challenges of investment blogging we have opted to accelerate our plans to “monetize” this blog. Our first step was to enhance the capabilities of our tip jar. We have already received donations from some very kind readers.

The second step is a little more substantial. We have begun accepting sponsors for this site. One can see at the upper right hand side of the site we now have “Sponsored Links.” Our first sponsor is Optionistics, an options analytics site with array of tools for stock and options traders. They have available both free and subscription plans.

Parties interested in advertising on the site is welcome to contact us. We will look to add more sponsors over time. We can work with you to craft a suitable sponsorship package. We reserve the right to pick and choose our sponsors or to end this experiment altogether.

Close readers of the site will also notice some changes to the blogroll as well. We try to keep our blogroll as fresh as possible. We have added an “Econ Blogs” category and have added some additional investment blogs as well. For those interested, our blogroll is a list of those sites we like and seem to link to most often. We are happy to check out your blog, but it usually takes some time (and posts) before seriously being considered for our blogroll.

Thanks again to all of our loyal readers. It is always gratifying to hear from readers and potential sponsors alike. If you have any comments or questions about these site enhancements please feel free to drop us a line.