The latest installment of the Victor Niederhoffer story. (

The subprime mortgage mess continues to claim hedge fund victims. (NakedShorts & DealBook)

Investors are paying up for equity put options. (Crossing Wall Street)

Hedge funds continue to cash in by selling stakes to investment banks. (

Did the press get this summer’s “quant meltdown” right? (

Additional data and research into the new Morningstar commodity indices. (World Beta)

Should you avoid these “trendy” mutual funds? (

Is “long-short” the future of the mutual fund industry? (

Fund manager vs. Fund manager. (Jeff Matthews)

Why do we pay so much attention to the pronouncements of Bill Gross? (CXO Advisory Group)

“Murdamort” has set up shop at the Wall Street Journal. (FT Alphaville)

What does Roger Ailes have in store for the Fox Business Network and competitor CNBC? (

The U.S. dollar may be “oversold”, but is it “undervalued”? (naked capitalism)

Cross another asset class, international fixed income, off the ETF wish list. (ETF Trends)

The Apple (AAPL) backlash is now in full bloom. (

Hold on, they just found another (surprising) convert to the iPhone. (

Bloggers should be wary of giving up the store to get in bed with the MSM. (Big Picture & Infectious Greed)

“On the internet, the more you give away, the more you receive.” (Market Movers)

As baby boomers lose their taste buds they are flocking to “high octane” flavor combinations. (

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