Hedge-fund managers purposefully avoid reporting losses by marking up the value of their portfolios…” (WSJ.com)

This isn’t really new news, however. (naked capitalism)

On the evolution of the quant hedge fund story. (All About Alpha)

September was alright for hedge fund performance. (TheStreet.com)

82% of S&P 500 stocks are trading above their 50 day moving average. (Bespoke Investment Group)

What is the “Fear & Greed Index” saying about the state of the market? (Big Picture)

Odds of a Fed rate cut are ebbing. (MarketBeat & Economist’s View)

Are individual, independent traders being sold a “bill of goods”? (TraderFeed)

TIPS are winning the race against conventional bonds. (Capital Spectator)

10 attractive ETFs…on a valuation basis. (Morningstar.com)

On the importance of reviewing the longer term records of market observers. (A Dash of Insight)

On the fall of Victor Niederhoffer. (Market Movers, NakedShorts, uglychart.com & Infectious Greed)

A profile of the new private equity ETF. (TheStreet.com)

On the rebalancing of taxable investment portfolios. (Asset Allocation)

Research into finding notable short sale opportunities. (CXO Advisory Group)

It’s now the “Big 2” in the domestic beer industry. (DealBook, Deal Journal & FT.com)

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