Big egos have impacted the private equity industry adversely. (

Emerging market bonds and the evolution of the ETF industry. (Capital Spectator)

China’s stock market surge via the charts. (Abnormal Returns)

Speaking of China, talk of Bear Stearns (BSC) being a target heats up. (FT Alphaville)

Tracking down your emerging market exposure. (

David Merkel’s comprehensive take on the investment landscape. (Aleph Blog)

Post credit crisis, corporate spin-offs are multiplying. (DealBook)

Eddie Lampert and opportunities in restructuring situations. (Street Capitalist)

‘The Entity’ comes under criticism. (Accrued Interest, Market Movers &

Why does Chuck Prince still have a job? (

A closer look at Goldman Sachs (GS) surprisingly good third quarter earnings. (NakedShorts)

Keep an eye changes in the investment strategy of a firm that has experienced a surge in assets under management. (

Research into how magazine columnists’ stock picks perform. (CXO Advisory Group)

Can the Fed deflate market bubbles? (Real Time Economics)

There is little correlation between what people say they are going to spend and what they actually spend. (Big Picture)

Cool correlation tools. (VIX and More)

In trading, “Perfectionism is the close cousin of regret.” (TraderFeed)

Where is our timber ETF? (ETF Trends)

Justin Fox can’t stop watching the newly launched Fox Business. (Curious Capitalist)

Happy Birthday, WallStrip!

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