It has become markedly easier to hedge your portfolio in the twenty years since Black Monday. (

“(T)here are too many signs of things (i.e. equities) looking overvalued, overbought or overbullish…” (FT Alphaville)

Where were the Chief Risk Officers (CRO)? And why do they still have a job? (Real Time Economics)

“When the subprime meltdown began to disturb the CEOs’ sleep, he [Paulson] responded with alacrity.” (

“For all the criticism they face, there is no real evidence that hedge funds have made the markets less stable.” (

S&P 500 sector correlations with the price of crude oil. (Bespoke Investment Group)

“The financial supermarket idea sounds great on paper but it just doesn’t work.” (Crossing Wall Street)

KKR and Citigroup are BFF! (

The relationship between liquidity and transparency is increasingly important in light of the ongoing subprime mess. (Market Movers)

Hedge fund managers are still looking to raise “permanent capital.” (All About Alpha)

CSX (CSX) gets the activist hedge fund treatment. (

What resources have helped your trading? (TraderFeed)

A new family of “beat the market” equity ETFs are now trading. (

While it is becoming ever more difficult to launch new ETFs due to a lack of seed capital. (ETF Trends)

A new blog on how the coming election may affect stocks. (Election Stocks via A Dash of Insight)

Every fund manager claims to be “top-tier” by one measure or another. We claim this blog to be top-tier, at least alphabetically. (Infectious Greed)

A long term look at personal taxes as a percentage of GDP. (Mankiw Blog)

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