Banks have the ability to lend a great deal more…if they want to. (

Growth is outperforming value…finally. (

“The cost of shipping raw materials across the world’s oceans has reached an all-time high, pushing up prices of grain, iron ore, coal and other commodities.” (

Subprime resets set to surge in 2008. (Econbrowser)

Time to keep an eye on margin debt as a percentage of total equity. (Big Picture)

Earnings misses are likely to accelerate. (Jeff Matthews)

“…the primary cause of financial instability has always been, and will continue to be, overextension in risk-taking and balance-sheets.” (Alea)

Risk is always and forever present, in the markets and in our decisions, and it’s constantly provoking us to do the wrong thing.” (Capital Spectator)

There is only one October. (Daily Options Report)

Hedge fund replication coming to a mutual fund near you. (

Is private equity a good thing for the economy? (

With a surging loonie, what are Canadian banks up to strategically? (

On the state of infrastructure investing in the face of the credit crisis. (FT Alphaville)

There is always some group lining up to invest in the film industry. (DealBook)

Some neat prediction tools. (Ian Ayres/Super Crunchers)

Get to know your Fox Business anchors. (

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