Are Chinese stocks in a bubble or “is the rally simply the market manifestation of an economic juggernaut”? (

Who got the best of the breakup of the Harman International (HAR) buyout? (

The hedge fund M&A “free-for-all” is over. (

Fears of a recession are in abeyance. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Should the Fed target asset prices? (Real Time Economics)

Complacency and the “maturing” bull market. (FT Alphaville)

On two types of investment errors. (A Dash of Insight)

On the use of “cluster analysis” in classifying hedge funds. (

Is Pandit the right man to save Citi? (DealBook)

October is especially volatile. (CXO Advisory Group)

“..two traders could begin with the same “edge” in the markets–the same ideas, the same trading system–and achieve very different results based upon their core self-evaluations.” (TraderFeed)

“[Coal mine] underground fires in China alone contribute as much CO2 to the atmosphere each year as all the cars and light trucks in the U.S.” (Freakonomics Blog)

“ ill wind for offshore wind projects nationwide.” (Volokh Conspiracy)

Is the timing of the launch of Fox Business a sign of an impending market top? (

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