Market stress on a par with August. (Bespoke Investment Group, ibid)

Has the market pullback created an opportunity to accumulate growth stocks? (A Dash of Insight)

“The lesson here is, don’t be afraid of companies that aren’t widely followed.” (Crossing Wall Street)

“.. there’s no shortage of stocks which turn out to be just waiting for an excuse to crater. E*Trade turned out to be one of them…” (Market Movers)

“Like any company caught up in the mortgage mess, E-Trade is tortured by uncertainty.” (

A valuation-based breakdown of the S&P 500 and its industry sectors. (

Will Warren Buffett rescue the monoline insurers? (

“I have been surprised to find just how blithely the [muni] bond market, including issuers, underwriters and investors, has been about the [monoline] insurers’ mess.” (

Asset allocation-wise, is it time to take a closer look at high yield bonds and REITs? (Capital Spectator)

One bank CEO seems to have exercised some measure of control over risk management. (Curious Capitalist)

The KKR IPO is still on track. (DealBook)

Why the yen-carry trade has reversed. (MarketBeat)

This can’t be good. Inflation at an 11-year high in China. (

Rumors swirl around high profile hedge fund, AQR. (

Speaking of hedge funds, Carl Icahn and Eddie Lampert’s funds have recently posted losses. ( & DealBook)

On the importance of style momentum and “evidence-based investing.” (Behavioural Investing)

130/30 strategies coming to a bond portfolio near you. (All About Alpha)

Six positive trading behaviors. (TraderFeed)

What does the ongoing drop in home equity withdrawals mean for consumer behavior? (Calculated Risk)

The conundrum is history. (Econbrowser)

What would a free mean for advertising revenue? (Tech Trader Daily)

The altruism behind getting a flu shot. (Marginal Revolution)

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