Is the yen a “canary in a coal mine” for investor risk aversion? (

Recently euro/yen has been highly correlated with moves in the global stock and bond markets. (FT Alphaville, ibid)

Crude oil is no longer a one-way bet based in part on cooling demand. (MarketBeat &

The hedge fund of the year. (Alea)

Not all hedge funds have fared so well. (

Och-Ziff goes public and “The landscape for funds trying to monetize their businesses has shifted…” (DealBook)

Hedge fund transparency is more complicated than you think. (All About Alpha)

“It is not preordained that the US will dominate private equity globally…” (

Some banks have writeups as well as writedowns. (Alea)

Mutual fund firms are doing all then can to avoid “breaking the buck.” (

Cramerica is bullish on Apple (AAPL), or is he? (Daily Options Report)

Volatility spreads and expected stock returns. (CXO Advisory Group)

“I think those who strongly advocate that new traders spend at least a year or two just exploring various different trading approaches and strategies before they marry any one approach is more important than many realize.” (Kirk Report)

Five signs of trading burnout. (TraderFeed)

How will changing viewpoints of risk alter the asset management industry? (NakedShorts)

If only one percent of Chinese bought an iPhone… (Silicon Alley Insider)

Is a free all that great an idea? (Big Picture)

In any event, a “can-do attitude” will likely drive the decision. (BuzzMachine)

The cap-and-trade vs. a carbon tax debate explained. (Market Movers)

College football poll conventional wisdom debunked. (Odd Numbers)

The instinct to swarm in ants…and humans. (

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