Apple (AAPL) is sitting on a $15 billion cash hoard. What should they do with it? (Big Tech, DealBook, Market Movers)

“This week the average 30-year muni yielded 4.29%, which is just about the same as a U.S. 30-year bond.” (

The markets right now are indicating on a 25 bp cut in the Fed funds rate. (Calculated Risk)

Another dividend-centric global ETF joins the fray. (

REITs have been in a bear market pretty much all year…” (

“In a world of collapsing hedge funds and bond-fund implosions, money-market mutual funds have become a haven for investors, attracting more than $600 billion this year.” (

Ten things to know about the (subprime mortgage rate) freeze. (Calculated Risk)

Government bailout or voluntary, industry-led plan? (

Are “fairness opinions” worth the paper they are written on? (Epicurean Dealmaker)

A survey says “..CFO optimism is dramatically spiraling downward.” (Big Picture)

Aggressive stock repurchasers have not seen much benefit to their stock price. (

Some financial sector stock picks from the Value Investing Congress. (

“I also get the sense that some traders equate working hard with being glued to screens.” (TraderFeed)

“Let’s not forget that each trade is inconsequential in the big picture (unless every trade is a loser!), since the goal is to make as much money – over a reasonably long run – with as little risk as possible.” (InVivo Analytics)

“The truth is, the bulk of people aren’t really doing anything when it comes to asset allocation and rebalancing…” (

On the role of blogs as “anonymous mentors” to help you generate investment insights. (Julien Le Nestour, Howard Lindzon)

Gregory Clark’s “A Farewell to Alms” reviewed.  (

The dead-weight losses of gift cards. (

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