“Many ETFs released in the past year have struggled.” In short, look out for ‘orphan ETFs.’ (WSJ.com)

“You don’t need to have an opinion on everything.” (Morningstar.com)

Is it still too early to go bottom fishing in the financial sector. (WSJ.com, naked capitalism)

A huge spread (Emerging market equities-REITs) in asset class performance in 2007. (Capital Spectator)

Maybe the stock market in 2007 wasn’t all that volatile after all. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Growth swamps value in 2007. (IndexUniverse.com)

The affect of the slope of the yield curve on equity market sectors. (Crossing Wall Street)

The treasury yield curve and its affect on corporate bond yields. (Aleph Blog)

The U.S. dollar in the New Year. (Econbrowser)

The best new ETFs of 2007. (Morningstar.com)

130/30 funds will likely establish a formula that will be repeated in the years ahead for future investment innovations…” (All About Alpha)

You don’t need to make grand market predictions to make money trading. (Alpha Trends)

An analysis of the BusinessWeek annual stock market forecasts. (CXO Advisory Group)

A look at the stock charts of the beaten-down bond insurers. (Barrons.com)

“I believe that insurance will continue to be a major part of the municipal market.” (Accrued Interest)

The state of the housing market as we enter the New Year. (Calculated Risk)

Will home prices bottom in 2008? (Real Time Economics)

Felix Salmon is not going to play the ‘prediction game.’ (Market Movers)

What have you changed your mind about? (Infectious Greed, Market Movers)

The newspaper industry is in free fall. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Laptops are now the choice of a majority of new computer buyers. (LATimes.com)

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