“Much of what is written about trading and investing is untrue.” (InVivoAnalytics.com)

“Day-to-day stock action is mostly noise.” (TheStreet.com)

Ten predictions from Byron Wien. (MarketBeat)

Two trades for the next year. (Market Movers)

This year’s ‘Dogs of the Dow.’ (TheStreet.com)

Preliminary evidence the liquidity crisis is easing. (Calculated Risk)

Actively managed ETFs are coming. (TheStreet.com)

What $100 oil means for the global economy. (Economist.com)

Will anybody, other than Goldman Sachs, profit from the unwinding of the credit boom? (Slate.com)

How far will housing prices have to fall? (Big Picture, Calculated Risk, Real Time Economics)

“In other words, if hedge funds make it past the critical first few years, then they are quite likely to stay alive for the long term.” (All About Alpha)

Exceptional past performance appears to give little reason to expect future success.” (Mankiw Blog)

Sometimes escape is the only option. (Going Private)

A unique take on the Weather Channel sales news. (Howard Lindzon)

“So how much is Firefox/Mozilla worth?” (Silicon Alley Insider)

Is Netflix (NFLX) a beneficiary of the writer’s strike? (Bits)

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