The Fed is worried. (Econbrowser)

Do investors spend too much time worrying about the Fed? (Crossing Wall Street)

Individual investors are none too optimistic. (Trader’s Narrative)

Lower short term interest rates are making dividend paying stocks attractive, but beware dividend cuts. (

Traders are betting on economic recession in 2008. (Market Movers)

Bottom fishing in the financial sector is still perilous. (

“We should all remember that the credit market will likely improve before the economic picture does.” (Accrued Interest)

Was some one tipped to the prospect of the Countrywide (CFC) deal? (DealBook)

Fund names can sometimes deceive. (

Things must be slow if deal-related bloggers have time to write. (Epicurean Dealmaker)

“A recession could pack enormous political consequences.” (

A surge in the use of the ‘r-word.’ (naked capitalism)

Six investor types to avoid. (

Will Apple (AAPL) purchase Adobe (ADBE)? (I, Cringley)

Unique economic insights including this, “More people die in cold periods than in homicides.” (

Examining the phenomenon of ‘interesting’ economics books. (Wages of Wins)

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