A closer look at stock drops in relation to a recession. (WSJ.com, Big Picture)

“The ride in financials will not likely be a smooth one — profitability has been impaired and will be slow to recover — but, in the fullness of time, it may be a profitable one.” (TheStreet.com)

“The paradoxical truth about the jobs numbers is that they are much better than their critics say they are but nowhere near as good as investors believe them to be.” (NewYorker.com)

Do you need a ‘relative’ or an ‘absolute’ portfolio benchmark? (Bill Rempel)

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Select Sector SPDRs assets climbed some $9 billion in 2007. (ETF Trends)

The Market Vectors Coal ETF (KOL) is now trading. (InVivoAnalytics.com, 24/7 Wall St., IndexUniverse.com)

A NYSE-AMEX merger makes sense. (Daily Options Report)

“We’re doomed by the exceptions,” he [Taleb] said. (ChicagoTribune.com)

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