Tracking error, the dirty little secret of ETFs. (

Long-short mutual funds have fared okay in the recent downdraft. (

REIT ETFs are down so much they are beginning to look attractive. (

High yield bond spreads continue to widen to near-2001 levels. (

Is a recession already priced into the high yield market? (Accrued Interest)

A not-so obvious reason why fundamental indices underperformed in 2007. (Random Roger)

The Baltic Dry Index is down 40% from its recent peak. (FT Alphaville)

We are no closer to a monoline bond insurer bailout. (naked capitalism)

Fed policy is convex. (Alea)

The motivations behind a potential 50bp Fed funds rate cut. (Market Movers)

How often does GDP grow at a less than 1% rate? (Bespoke Investment Group)

Data issues when it comes to identifying a recession. (A Dash of Insight)

A bull market in Washington-based think tanks. (

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