Please note that this is an earlier than normal edition of the linkfest.

The steepening trade is the hot macro bet at the moment. (Market Movers)

The steepest yield curve since 2004. (

The lag between changes in interest rates and the home and mortgage markets. (Econbrowser)

A historic percentage rise in high yield spreads. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Time to dip your toe into the credit pool. (Aleph Blog)

The relationship between covenant-lite loans and the currently low default rate. (, Market Movers)

Mainstream investors are powering gold to all-time highs. (

More talk about the potential demise of the monoline bond insurers. (A Dash of Insight, Big Picture, FT Alphaville, naked capitalism)

Small-cap China now has an ETF. (

The future of in-house hedge funds after poor performance in 2007. (DealBook,

Earnings growth and stock market performance often move in opposite directions. (Infectious Greed)

Alpha and alternative betas are often indistinguishable. (All About Alpha)

Where you invest is often as important as how. The case for the Roth 401(k). (Odd Numbers)

“(D)uring times of performance pressure, it is imperative to become process oriented.” (TraderFeed)

Howard Schultz, “You would have to agree that the consumer is in a recession,” (

Are we making policy mistakes because of an irrational fear of recessions? (Curious Capitalist)

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