A good explanation of why the monoline bond insurers matter to the financial system. (Economist.com)

Why private equity firms may want nothing to do with a monoline bond rescue plan. (Calculated Risk)

Should “investors accept periodic disasters as a price worth paying for the innovations of modern finance…”? (NewYorker.com)

The leveraged loan market is in “disarray.” (naked capitalism)

A weak start to the year for hedge funds in general, and a “beta factory disguised as a hedge fund.” (DealBook, FT Alphaville)

Using a yardstick to measure bear market rallies. (FT Alphaville)

What analysts are expecting for the Dow 30 stocks. (Bespoke Investment Group)

A great deal of anecdotal evidence that blog traffic to investment-related sites is a good contrary indicator. (Big Picture)

Four interesting “lone ranger” funds. (Morningstar.com)

Private equity may not have killed M&A, but they have made it harder and much less fun.” (Deal Professor)

(I)nflation expectations are hard things to measure, even when you have parallel liquid markets in both Treasuries and TIPS.” (Market Movers)

Higher rates of “mortgage walkaways” are playing havoc with mortgage models. (MarketBeat)

Fears of an ‘infrastructure bubble‘ are overblown. (Market Movers)

“(I)t is much easier for us to be dishonest when we are one step removed from cash. This is why we are more comfortable taking office supplies home than cash…” (Predictably Irrational)

Good advice on how to better structure a Yahoo-Microsoft tie-up. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Will the combined company be able to attract the necessary talent? (DealBook)

Is AOL the “odd man out”? (DealBook)

Links to six good Super Bowl ads. (Mixed Media)

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