A newly revised $10 deal for Bear Stearns (BSC). (NYTimes.com, WSJ.com, naked capitalism, Silicon Alley Insider)

What hath problems in the commercial paper market wrought? (FinancialWeek)

“(T)here is such a surplus of bearishness right now that one path of minimal resistance could be a moon-shot.” (Infectious Greed)

The market “bottom callers” are out in full force. (Big Picture)

Markets require trust to work well, but when trust is blind they are almost guaranteed to go haywire.” (NewYorker.com)

“(N)early every member of the FOMC has extensive experience in policy formation and implementation, far from the theoretical world of the ivory tower.” (Dash of Insight)

Not-so-good news from the tax withholding front. (Big Picture)

A new inflation-protected bond ETF, this time with a global flavor. (ETF Trends)

Equity markets have de-coupled to the benefit of the U.S. (Bespoke Investment Group)

There is no reason to pay active management fees for index-like performance. (All About Alpha)

In investing, the outcome is often less important than the process itself. (Daily Options Report)

A look a the history of external defaults. (Capital Spectator)

Existing home sales data…still bad. (Calculated Risk)

Another story about another ad network. (Silicon Alley Insider)

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