Will aggrieved Bear Stearns (BSC) shareholders settle for the newly revised $10 a share deal? (breakingviews.com, MarketBeat)

The role the Fed and the Treasury played in all of this. (NYTimes.com, naked capitalism)

Let’s play: bailout, not a bailout? (MarketBeat, DealBreaker.com)

Market discipline is going out of the window.” (Telegraph.co.uk also Big Picture)

Is it inevitable that the U.S. equity market will follow the housing market down? (FT Alphaville)

We are not alone. “The air now looks like it is leaking out of Europe’s housing balloon.” (WSJ.com)

House prices nationwide continue to plunge. (Calculated Risk, Big Picture)

The entire Treasury market is “on special.” (Alea, FT Alphaville)

Is there a thaw coming to the debt markets? (DealScape)

The recession likely started in December. (Calculated Risk)

The stock market can do this? The markets are nearing overbought. (IndexIndicators.com, Daily Options Report)

Can you pass this “investment Breathalyzer test“? (Dash of Insight)

Research shows that “There are no ‘Democratic’ or ‘Republican’ industries.” (CXO Advisory Group)

It seems that “130/30 funds have out- performed long-only funds managed by the same managers.” (All About Alpha)

Do the use of the use of the same tools create group-think? (Humble Student)

The diversification benefits of international bond funds. (BusinessWeek.com)

With all this Bear Stearns talk it is easy to forget that there is a Yahoo! (YHOO) deal still out there. (DealBook)

A not-so-hostile takeover at DealBreaker.com. (DealBreaker.com)

Ad networks are for losers.” (Silicon Alley Insider)

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