Forget the BRICs. Instead think frontier markets like: Pakistan and Peru. (Deal Journal)

Other opportunities in the most far-flung markets. (US News)

Want to make a big bet on the price of gold? (Big Picture)

What goes down, must come up? REITs are on a (relative) tear in 2008. (

A 90-90 up day. (Trader’s Narrative)

“(T)he probability of a gap being filled is a function of the size of the gap and the time after the gap occurs.” (Afraid to Trade)

Is the great bond bull market of 2008 over? (MarketBeat)

Deus ex machina is not a valid investment strategy…” (Epicurean Dealmaker)

“(T)he last time stocks were at their present levels, the market was discounting corporate earnings at a much lower interest rate.” (Market Movers also FT Alphaville)

Not a great start for Och-Ziff Capital Management (OZM) as a publicly traded hedge fund manager. (DealBook)

Hedge funds are holding record cash positions. (naked capitalism)

“If you are fretting about the volatility in the market, buy some.” (Daily Options Report)

A longer term look at asset class volatility. (Capital Spectator)

“(I)t is a long way from keeping financial institutions alive to getting them to function again.” (Floyd Norris)

Don’t blame the shorts for the problems at Lehman Brothers (LEH). (

The whole story has yet to come out on the downfall of Bear Stearns (BSC). (Silicon Alley Insider, Market Movers)

Are you fighting a creative Fed, et al? (Dash of Insight)

There is no IPO market right now for venture backed companies to speak of.” (Fred Wilson)

Too much stuff + Too little income = Trouble. (

The risk homeostasis theory in the capital markets. (Infectious Greed)

“(H)istorically when the Fed Chairman starts talking about the possibility of a recession, the economy is already in a recession.” (Calculated Risk)

“Automobile sales do not bode well for first-quarter GDP.” (Econbrowser)

Tit for tat‘ is overrated as a strategy. (Undercover Economist)

A nifty Google stock screener. (Alea)

The story behind the Apple iPhone shortage. (Bits, Tech Trader Daily)

Put down that water bottle. There is “little evidence that flushing out toxins through drinking copious amounts improved health.” (BBC News)

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