A bank is not a casino.” (NYTimes.com)

A soup-to-nuts approach to a foreclosures. (Slate.com)

“Formalizing the Fed’s transformation into a market stability regulator makes sense.” (NYTimes.com also naked capitalism)

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Does the existence of ETFs following the carry trade make it less profitable? (Mankiw Blog)

The motivations of people who want to manage your money. (Bill Rempel)

“Trading is not difficult because it blends action and inaction. It is difficult when we view trading through the lenses of firemen, creating both adrenaline spikes and boring interludes.” (TraderFeed, ibid)

Sex and money trigger the same region in the brain. (AP/HuffingtonPost.com)

Can any CEO effectively manage Citigroup (C)? (Market Movers)

Looking forward to this book by David Einhorn. (Amazon.com via World Beta)

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