Distressed asset investors are gearing up. (WSJ.com)

Corporate boards are trying to avoid proxy fights with activist investors bent on garnering board representation. (WSJ.com, Silicon Alley Insider)

Hedge fund databases are almost always incomplete. (InvestmentNews)

A number of bloggers linked to a piece on the bleeding edge of quantitative finance. (Alpha also FT Alphaville)

“A lot of what the Quants seem to be trying now is simply tinkering around to try and find something which makes pots of money guaranteed with no risk, and unsurprisingly they haven’t found it yet.” (Ultimi Barbarorum)

More on the role common risk models may have played in the quant meltdown. (Humble Student)

Alternative investment strategies are turning up in the most unlikely of places. (Capital Spectator)

“(T)he VIX has slipped below it’s 200 Day MA for the first time in half a year.” (Daily Options Report)

The carry trade become more correlated with the S&P 500. (Mankiw Blog)

A deal at $4 per global eyeball. (Market Movers)

Amazon (AMZN) is moving headlong into digital distribution. (NYTimes.com)

A list of the best financial blogs. (BusinessWeek.com)

Cramer’s blog is overrated. (Time.com)

Tom Petruno joins the ranks of MSM business bloggers. (LATimes.com)

Be careful asking for admittedly one-sided reciprocal link requests. (Long or Short Capital)

Is there an additional “hidden” benefit to online advertising? (Fred Wilson)

Some much needed perspective on the whole “blogging will kill you” meme. (Mixed Media, Market Movers)

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