“The debt squeeze is dogging some of the biggest names in credit investing.” (WSJ.com)

Distressed asset investors are going to have a harder time making money in this downturn. (breakingviews/WSJ.com)

Bank shareholders are giving up a great deal to attract capital infusions. (BloggingStocks.com)

“In summary, Lenny Dykstra’s deep-in-the-money call options (leveraged) strategy depends more on pure volatility and favorable market conditions than on skill in timing the movements of the underlying stocks. ” (CXO Advisory Group)

Applying technical analysis to volatility indices is difficult, at best. (Condor Options)

Momentum is not dead. (World Beta)

A look at a longer term market indicator. (TraderFeed)

Putting 130/30 strategies in the wayback machine. (All About Alpha)

“(I)f GE (GE)—a manage-by-numbers company if ever there was one—can be surprised, others will surely follow.” (Jeff Matthews)

Strap in for an ugly earnings season.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Sotheby’s (BID), a proxy for the art market, is showing a slowdown is at hand. (WSJ.com)

Iceland’s current woes teach a useful lesson about the interconnectedness of global markets: trouble can come from anywhere.” (NewYorker.com)

A Fed Chairman smackdown:  Volcker vs. Bernanke. (Big Picture, Mankiw Blog)

Fed policy looks rash in light of rising inflation and elevated commodity prices. (naked capitalism)

Is the world facing a savings glut or an investment drought? (Brad Setser via Economist’s View)

On the high costs of urban living. (EconLog)

Two recent economics books differ on their approach to consumer rationality. (Portfolio.com)

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