Do not expect bank ROIs to return to their previous levels any time soon. (

The advisability of allowing private equity firms to ‘cherry pick’ the best LBO loan assets from Citi’s balance sheet. (naked capitalism)

A profile of Stephen A. Feinberg, the once secretive head of Cerberus Capital Management, . (

A deal not taken for Delta Airlines (DAL) shareholders. (DealBook)

Russian oil production growth has slowed. (Bespoke Investment Group)

Just what we need, another set of ‘principle-based best practices‘ for hedge funds. (NakedShorts)

Intervention and the path of the dollar. (Econbrowser)

Iceland is the smallest economy in the world to have a floating currency. And floating currencies are dangerous to have…” (Market Movers)

Are art collectors “..shorting Sotheby’s shares as a hedge against the art market collapsing”? (Market Movers)

Inflation is not a backward looking indicator. (Big Picture)

Rising food prices are sparking crisis-like conditions. (Finance Trends Matter)

Natural hedges and the use of agriculture ETFs. (

The Lenny Line. (Daily Options Report)

A shift in the daytime-overnight market regime. (TraderFeed)

A once-reliable indicator goes cold. (CXO Advisory Group)

When it comes to actively managed ETFs, does ‘front running‘ really matter? (

A solar energy ETF launches. (ETF Trends,

It seems Blockbuster (BBI) has Apple (AAPL) envy. (Bits,

Video gaming companies have been exempt from the recession, so far. (Silicon Alley Insider)

Charlie Gasparino, “Covering Wall Street is like covering a wild party. These guys and (and increasingly women) appear as if they’re the most sophisticated, proper, well-mannered people in the world. And they ain’t. They’re insane.” (Talking Biz News via

Can entrepreneurship be taught? (Fred Wilson)

Examining the role of testosterone and cortisol in trading success. (, FT Alphaville)

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