Hedge fund assets grew 27% in 2007. (WSJ.com)

The state of the hedge fund industry. (Information Arbitrage)

The highest paid hedge fund managers. (Alpha)

The trades that made the ten most successful hedge fund managers. (Deal Journal)

How much is too much for these managers? (DealBook)

A big name in venture capital is purportedly venturing into the world of hedge funds. (TheDeal.com)

Options prices imply a big cut in the Citigroup (C) dividend. (WSJ.com)

Just how useful are credit default indices. (Dash of Insight)

“At a minimum there should be enough volatility this week to keep both the bulls and bears happy so long as their time frames are exceptionally short.” (Kirk Report)

Ten things not to worry about. (Aleph Blog)

How to properly use the magazine cover indicator. (Big Picture)

It’s coming down to the wire. (NakedShorts)

Doubts are growing about LIBOR. (FT Alphaville, naked capitalism, DealBreaker.com)

Don’t rile up muni bond holders. (DealBreaker.com)

“(O)ver the course of time, many have found index option buying to be an exercise in frustration.” (Daily Options Report)

Herb Greenberg is moving on and (questionably) giving up his blog. (Infectious Greed, Big Picture, Market Movers)

Nokia (NOK) has the ultra low cost handset market completely sewn up…” (Ultimi Barbarorum)

In light of recent “failures” reading prediction markets with a more critical eye. (Slate.com also Crossing Wall Street)

The role of ethanol in the world food price crisis. (Econbrowser)

“..the single best predictor of subprime delinquency rates is the pace of house price changes.”(Calculated Risk)

Support for free markets is eroding around the world. (Crossing Wall Street, FT Alphaville

A well-balanced blog portfolio. (Financial Philosopher)

The true father of venture capital. (Fred Wilson)

How to fight splogs. (Wired.com)

The Easterlin paradox is under attack. (NYTimes.com, Predictably Irrational)

Research shows that “Americans grow happier as they grow older…” (Science Blog)

Why do so many MLB players have August birthdays? (Slate.com)

Why has the percentage of MLB players from Puerto Rico fallen of late? (Odd Numbers)

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