Hedge funds and tech companies are hoarding cash. (WSJ.com, ibid)

While some companies are hurting for cash. (WSJ.com)

Wilbur Ross plans to provide capital to the “depository institutions that need money.” (NYTimes.com)

A mysterious cash call. (FT Alphaville)

“Financial services is a risky business to be in.” (Market Movers)

“If Sequoia really is jumping into hedge funds, other VCs will be be tempted to follow suit.” (TheDeal.com)

The case for performance-based investment fees. (Morningstar.com, part 2, part 3)

The seasonality timing system is taking it on the chin this year. (Marketwatch.com)

Charts for those of you who like long term cycle research. (Barrons.com)

“The bottom line is that international diversification is as important as ever.” (IndexUniverse.com)

Mutual fund investor behavior changes across the business cycle.” (SSRN.com)

How ‘bear raids‘ can affect the true underlying value of a company. (Knowledge@Wharton)

Hedge fund ‘bad faith’ and the abuse of non-compete provisions. (Going Private)

Misdirected anger at billionaire fund managers. (Big Picture)

On the relationship between mortgage credit and personal consumption. (Dash of Insight)

Basis risk volatility in the commodity futures markets is off the charts. (Econbrowser.com)

How might a behavioral economist act as chairman of the CEA? (Boston.com also Economist’s View)

A call for more data, less opinion in blogs. (Infectious Greed)

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