David Einhorn, “American financial markets have a very low pain threshold.” (NakedShorts)

“There’s no guarantee that the capital will be there for the next round of infusions.” (WSJ.com also breakingviews/WSJ.com, Market Movers)

Equity fire sales continue apace. (Aleph Blog, Financial Armageddon)

Now China is trying to prop up its stock market. (FT Alphaville)

Emerging market bond funds have held up well during this period of market volatility. (Morningstar.com)

Corporate insiders remain relatively bullish. (Marketwatch.com)

The trader needs to have a real plan — one that has been tested and proven. Then he must stick to it.” (Dash of Insight)

“If traders are going to build a financial future, they need to think like investors.” (TraderFeed)

“(W)hat Goldstein and Guembel fail to realise is that bear raids, if they stick, generally have something to them, some element of capturing a truth about a stock.” (Ultimi Barbarorum)

130/30 managers do not face unique challenges, that long-only investors somehow avoid. (All About Alpha)

An investment book reading list for beginning investors. (Morningstar.com)

Vanguard dips a toe deeper into the pool of alternative investments in retail products. (IndexUniverse.com)

The race to launch a ‘frontier’ emerging market equity ETF.  (Basis Pointing)

The crack spread is down 60% from its recent peak. (MarketBeat)

“Eventually high commodity prices will seem permanent and then the bottom will drop out.”  (Marginal Revolution)

A hedge fund where your assets race on weekends. (DealZone, The Stalwart)

Algae is the next big biofuel. (Fortune.com)

A podcast with Cass Sunstein on liberal paternalism.  (Instapundit)

Be careful how you define success. (EconLog)

On happiness research, “Few of us can accurately gauge how we will feel tomorrow or next week.” (NYTimes.com)

The top 50 restaurants in the world.  (Telegraph.co.uk)

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